Nordic Interim Management

When temporary leadership or leadership coaching is required

 The Services

Interim Manager / Executive 

On demand resource for international companies in need of temporary leadership in areas of Program and Project Services, Process Optimatization, Performance Improvements, Continuous Improvements Initiatives, Change Management and Business Transformation. Either on site locally, or remotely managing global activities. I can lead business initiatives and set up your operations, but also carry on people management responsibilities like performance feedback, talent development, coaching and career mentoring. 


Agile Leadership Sparring 

80EUR / h /pp

For an individual, as a private on-demand coaching / sparring session or for a company leadership team as group sessions.

Online (MS Teams, Whatsapp, ZOOM, Google Meet) or in person per agreement.

Sparring C-Suite members, leadership teams and different management levels on their critical role in enabling enterprise agility. If your business aims to survive and be successful in responding to  the quickly changing markets and constantly changing customer needs, it is important to have the whole company operate in agile ways. Agile is not only for employees, but for all management levels and you as a leader play a big part in it! I can be your sparring partner, on adjusting your mindset and how you can in practice adjust your own way of working into agile mode. Then you can truly "walk the talk" and agility spreads through the company.


Remote Leadership Sparring  

80EUR / h / pp

For an individual, as a private on-demand sparring / coaching session or for a company leadership team as  group sessions.

Online (MS Teams, Whatsapp, ZOOM, Google Meet) or in person per agreement.

Sparring C-Suite members, leadership teams and different management levels to review their management and leadership styles to meet the needs of remote workforce. 

Employees are working more and more remotely and many leaders are trying to grasp the benefits of this, but may fail to understand what challenges long-term and permanent remote working presents. Remote working will stay and possibly take some hybrid forms of some meetings held physically in the office, but otherwise  work continues to be done remotely as well. Global teams are also a normal set up and that is purely remote work even across different time zones. To manage a remote workforce needs even more leadership skill than many managers realize and to be successful, leaders need to understand the impact they have. Technology is there already to support this shift to remote work, employees are already activated in this mode, but have you as a leader truly embraced this new situation? Have you adjusted your leadership style to be able to reach your remotely located staff, keep the company culture alive, let alone keep everyone aligned to your  strategy?

Who am I? 

Kati Rook, CEO of Nordic Interim Management. I worked for 16 years in different international leadership positions at IBM from senior management to executive positions and in C-Suite. The last years I have been an entrepreneur working as an Interim Executive. 

I have delivered various business transformations from Lean to Agile, from restructuring, organization changes and offshoring to Customer and Employee Satisfaction Improvements to continuous performance and process improvent initiatives. I have a wide business acumen as I have worked in different areas of business from customer fulfilment and logistics to finance, from service delivery and projects portfolio to business leadership and sales and marketing. I have both international coporate experience as well as business owner background.

I have worked most of my career remotely and been remote managing and leading globally dispersed teams. I know the challenges, but have also plenty of experience of how to overcome them. 

I consider myself an Agile leader and I learned that by practicing what I was telling my staff to do leading to successful Agile Transformation.

I have taken various coaching courses and practiced coaching and mentoring for years, steering professional performance and personal development. This coaching / mentoring skill combined with my own experience as a leader, have led me to specialize in Agile leadership and remote leadership coaching.

How can I benefit your professional development or your company's business performance?

I can be dropped off pretty much anywhere and I find my way to deliver value. I offer a vision-driven approach to decision making, strategic planning, and tactical implementation.  I create an inspiring and enthusiastic team spirit, when leading multidisciplinary teams in a matrix, distributed and global environment. Dialogue and sharing ideas are important to me as well as having fun at work, whether I am physically in the same location or leading remotely!

I can engage your staff to work towards the common goal, facilitate innovative problem solving and adjustment to change.

For you as an individual leader, who wants to develop and meet the leadership challenges that arise with fast paced changes, I can be your personal coach and guide to agile leadership and how to lead remote workforce. I have been there, I have done this myself in practice, so I can relate to the things you are going through and share my experience with you.

My Skills and Experience

Please view my work history, education details and recommendations on my Linked In ProfileAt request, I am happy send my CV. 

My personal motivation

I enjoy the whole journey of mapping out the client's challenges, teaming up, getting things done and creating something new, adding true business value to my clients. The feeling of success comes from finding connections with individuals and helping them improve themselves as leaders and professionals.

Kati Rook


Nordic Interim Management