Nordic Interim Management

When temporary leadership is required


Kati Rook, CEO of Nordic Interim Management. Experienced female leader with enthusiastic and energetic leadership style. 

The Services

Interim Manager or an Interim Executive resource for international companies in need of temporary leadership. A visiting career mentor for companies that wish to promote more women into leadership.


How can I benefit your company?

I offer a vision-driven approach to decision making, strategic planning, and tactical implementation.  I create an inspiring and enthusiastic team spirit, when leading other leaders as well as multidisciplinary teams in a matrix, distributed and global environment. As a results driven leader, I can engage your staff to work towards the common goal and facilitate innovative problem solving.

Why Nordics in specific?

I am located in the Netherlands and offer my services to international businesses operating here, including Nordic companies or Dutch companies that operate in the Nordic region. Being a Finn myself, the Nordic region (Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark), is my "home ground".  

My background

I am university educated in the UK, where I also began my corporate career. Having worked for 16 years at IBM, I moved from Finland to the Netherlands in 2016 and since then I have been an entrepreneur. You can view my work experience at my Linked In profile or request for my CV using below contact form.

My personal motivation

I enjoy the journey of mapping out the client's challenges, team up and get things done. The feeling of success for me is to be able to create something new and bring additional value to my clients and mentees so they can be even more successful in what they do.  

Kati Rook


Nordic Interim Management   

Interim Manager

I can work as a temporary manager in HR, People Operations, Finance, Project Services or in IT organization. I can perform people management and business management or lead special initiatives for your organization.

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Interim Executive

I can operate in C-Suite and executive positions in an international setting. My leadership skills and business acumen apply across industries. If you need an executive that is also very hands on, I am at your service.

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Career Mentor for Potential Female Leaders

If your company wants to attract more women into leadership positions, I can be a consultant to your management teams as well as a visiting career mentor to your female staff. 

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